We need you!

TNC has been selected to be part of a special pilot program – right here in Independence! It’s called Second Chance, and it’s an e-commerce retail store.

We’re looking for volunteers who can help US staff the store on Wednesdays from 10am-7pm. Volunteers will help open boxes, straighten shelves, price items, etc.

Print out the flyer on the right and show it when you shop – and up to 10% of your purchases go back to TNC!


After sixty-seven years in the intellectual/developmental disabilities field, TNC Community is an experienced, established provider. Our mission is to advocate for interdependent living, education, and community inclusion through competent, caring support.

Essentially, the assistance the staff provides to the individuals we support raises the bar beyond meeting simply daily essential, basic needs – from ordinary to extraordinary.

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Looking for more than a job? Come join our team! Have fun and be inspired by helping others.

As a provider that works in the health and human services sector, our agency is often the primary advocate for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities. We strive to ensure there are no hindrances to services, opportunities and overall quality of life to the adults who we assist.

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